William L. Striegel, MD

Internal Medicine
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William L. Striegel, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

Time is the essence of good medical care. With the MDVIP-affiliated practice, time is allowed to listen to and thoroughly examine the patient, think over all the information gathered, and come to a treatment plan that best fits the individual patient. It also allows me to be their teacher, coach, advisor, friend, and if the need arises, their consoler. I feel my patients are part of my family and the MDVIP-affiliated practice allows me to treat them as such. It also allows the patient to take an active role in their medical care with me as their guide, but always willing to accept new ideas from my patients which might assist us in meeting their wellness goals. Having this close partnership with my patients allows me to improve their lives and well-being by being focused on disease prevention and better manage any problems they might have.

Dr. Striegel's Credentials

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Tulane University Affiliated Hospitals
New Orleans, LA

Tulane University Affiliated Hospitals
New Orleans, LA

Medical School:
Tulane University School of Medicine
New Orleans, LA
Doctorate of Medicine 1979

Southern Methodist University
Dallas, TX
Bachelor of Arts, Chemistry 1975

American Board of Internal Medicine
Ocean Springs Hospital
Chief of Staff, Ocean Springs Hospital 2003-2004
American College of Physicians
Mississippi State Medical Association

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Striegel

from William August 20, 2019 for William L. Striegel, MD

A day after returning from vacation I was experiencing abdominal pain. I called Dr Striegel's office around 1:00 pm. Three hours later I was in his office for an examination. Within 24 hours of his initial exam and orders, he called me with the results of lab work, a series of chest and lumbar x-rays, and a CT scan. The results were not as serious as feared. In a very short period of… See more

from Evelyn in MS February 28, 2018 for William L. Striegel, MD
Image provided by: Evelyn

Dr. Striegel, I appreciate all the wonderful things that you do for me. You heal me when Im sick, you cheer me up when Im sad, you always have a wonderful smile and your there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on. All the wonderful things that makes you a great Doctor is you kind and gentle heart. And when a Doctor cares as much as you Sincerely do, the world becomes a better place, no… See more

from Marcia in MS February 26, 2018 for William L. Striegel, MD

I have struggled over two years with some random and debilitating issues. I have gone to 5 different specialists who were perplexed after trying everything they knew. Finally after finding Dr. Striegel with MDVIP, I found answers to many of the questions. Now I am beginning to improve my health and move in the right direction. His examination and blood work were more in depth than anything… See more

from Leon March 31, 2017 for William L. Striegel, MD

After many doctors trying but not delivering results that I needed, I finally found doctor Striegel. He was making the change to MDVIP when I first saw him. He immediately went to work to do what it took to get my health to the best it could, even though I suffer from a debilitating disease. I am in much better health thanks to his persistence to 'fix' all that had been overlooked… See more