Beth C. Hanlon, MD, FACP

Internal Medicine
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412.50per quarter
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My approach to medical care is to work closely with you to maintain and improve your health by guiding medical decisions to match your lifestyle and desires. I strive to provide thorough, personalized evaluations and treatments tailored to your unique needs and circumstances. The result is a collaborative style that forms the foundation for a rewarding long term health care partnership.

Dr. Hanlon's Credentials

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University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT
Chief Medical Resident 1990-1991

University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

Medical School:
University of Texas Medical School
Houston, TX
Doctorate of Medicine 1987

Colorado College
Colorado Springs, CO
Bachelor of Arts, Biology 1981

American Board of Internal Medicine
Salt Lake Regional Medical Center
LDS Hospital
America's Top Docs for Utah/Salt Lake City Internal Medicine Specialists 2008-present
Outstanding Humanitarian Resident, Salt Lake City Veteran's Administration Medical Center 1990
Outstanding Resident, Internal Medicine, University of Utah 1990
Outstanding Intern, Internal Medicine, Residency Programs, University of Utah 1988
Adjunct Associate Clinical Professor Medicine, University of Utah Medical School 1994-present
Salt Lake Regional Medical Center
- Member, Board of Trustees 2001-present
- Director, Inpatient Hospitalist Program 2002-2006
- Vice President, Board of Trustees 2003-2005
- Member, Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee 1994-1998
- Chairperson, Ethics Advisory Committee 1994-1997
- Member, Task Force in the Implementation of a Senior Center 1997
Utah Medical Insurance Association
- Member, Board of Directors 2008-present
Utah Chapter, American College of Physicians
- Committee Chairperson, Health and Public Policy Committee 2008 - present
- Committee Chairperson, Membership Committee 2002-2005
Member, National Council of Associates, National Chapter, American College of Physicians 1990-1992
American Medical Association
Fellow, American College of Physicians
Utah Medical Association
National Charity League 2005-present
Senior Class Advisor, National Charity League 2010-2011
Volunteer, Doctors for Drug-Free Schools, Salt Lake City Medical Society 1999-2001
Member, Task Force for Accreditation by National Catholic Education Association for J.E. Cosgriff Memorial Catholic School 2000
from Linda in UT March 17, 2014 for Beth C. Hanlon, MD, FACP

Dr. Hanlon has been the center of my healthcare experience for allmost 20 years. She advises, prescribes, sympathsizes, empathizes, encourages, strenthens and has added years to my life with her loving care. Without her care and advice, I would not have known, enjoyed and loved our new 11 month old granddaughter at 73 years of age. Thank you so much for your loving care both physical and… See more

from Barbara in UT March 15, 2014 for Beth C. Hanlon, MD, FACP

I thought long and hard about spending this extra money since I wasn't rich and this looked like a rich persons program. However, I did not want to lose my doctor and I could always quit after a year. Beth Hanlon is an excellent doctor and she has only gotten better with more time available. I'm big on e-mail and she is great at responding. I feel like we are really working… See more

from Louise in UT March 1, 2014 for Beth C. Hanlon, MD, FACP

What a delight to have Dr Hanlon as our doctor. Her knowledge is always current and her care, interest, and warmth are outstanding. We are fortunate to have her. Thank you so much.

from Pat in UT February 25, 2014 for Beth C. Hanlon, MD, FACP

Dr. Beth Hanlon is an outstanding physician with a calm and friendly manner. She takes personal interest in me. She is so pleasant and knowledgeable, and always responds quickly to any need. She is very down to earth and explains things in language I can understand. I really appreciate her professionalism combined with being so approachable.

from Dana in UT February 23, 2014 for Beth C. Hanlon, MD, FACP

Dr. Hanlon has been my doctor for at least 12 years and then became my mom's doctor past 5 years, she has been great with my mom who at times could be difficult. We could always get a hold of her for any questions. My mom passed away in December and since has been helping me deal with my loss. Sent me the sweetest card about our loved ones passing I truly feel she cares about my well… See more

from Elizabeth in UT February 19, 2014 for Beth C. Hanlon, MD, FACP

When I described some vague urinary and bowel symptoms to Dr. Hanlon, instead of brushing me off and telling me to take laxatives, she ordered an ultrasound of my pelvis, thus diagnosing my ovarian cancer after my first complaints of symptoms. This diagnosis is so often delayed due to lack of sensitivity of the physician. I cannot say enough how grateful I am that she took me seriously! I am… See more

from Cathy in UT February 17, 2014 for Beth C. Hanlon, MD, FACP

I have known Dr. Beth Hanlon for years. She has always been super concerned about my health problems and ALWAYS knows who to recommend for surgery or specialized treatment. As usual, the people she picks are superb. I have always enjoyed her accessibility and kindness with my care.

from Cynthia in UT February 13, 2014 for Beth C. Hanlon, MD, FACP

We love Dr. Hanlon. She is always available for my husband and I. To include the weekends. We had to call her once on a Saturday on her personnel cell phone. How many doctors nowadays does that? She has you into her office the same day. No waiting. If it's a bigger problem, it's taken care of immediately. We have been very pleased with Dr. Hanlon. She is not only our… See more

from Beth Ann in UT February 11, 2014 for Beth C. Hanlon, MD, FACP

Dr. Hanlon was highly recommended to me from two friends at work. They both raved about how friendly, caring, attentive and engaged she is as well as how she provided them with professional and competent health care. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy she is to talk to, how quickly she responds and that she goes the extra mile to make sure to research answers to medical issues. I am so… See more

from Keith in UT February 10, 2014 for Beth C. Hanlon, MD, FACP

There are actually two parts to this story. First, getting to be a patient of Dr Hanlon's was a major step up for me. Had not had great experiences with several prior doctors. With or without MDVIP, she is an outstanding and caring doctor. The MDVIP change was at first a bit strange. I wondered about the cost, but soon found out that was so not an issue. Being able to get an… See more

Annual Membership Fee

412.50per quarter
825.00per semi-annual
1,650.00per year