Dwayne M. Aboud, MD

Internal Medicine
154 North Festival Drive Villa G
El Paso, TX 79912 Get Directions

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My approach to medicine is to treat all of my patients as if they are part of my family. My ongoing commitment is to always be available, to make communication open and easy, to involve my patients in decision making and to be willing to ask for help when needed. Being partners with my patients allows us both to have an active role in their wellness.

Dr. Aboud's Credentials

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New York University, Booth Memorial Medical Center
Flushing, NY
Residency PGY 1, 2 and 3 1978-1979

New York University, Booth Memorial Medical Center
Flushing, NY

Medical School:
Autonomous University of Guadalajara
Guadalajara, Mexico
Physician and Surgeon 1975
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Philadelphia, PA
Allentown Sacred Heart Hospital
Allentown, PA
Advanced Clinical Year and Doctorate of Medicine 1975-1976

University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, TX
Graduate Studies 1970-1971

University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, TX
Bachelor of Arts, Biology and Chemistry 1970

American Board of Internal Medicine
Sierra Medical Center
Providence Memorial Hospital
Las Palmas Medical Center
El Paso Specialty Hospital
Medical Director, CIMA Hospice of El Paso, LP 2006-present
Principle Investigator, National Institute of Health Grant,University of Texas 2005-present
Clinical Instructor, University of Texas Medical Branch 1999-present
from Carmen March 30, 2017 for Dwayne M. Aboud, MD

Dr. Aboud is an angel. That's how I think of him. He has been my doctor since the eighties and has taken such good care of me during all those years that I feel so indebted to him. He such a fantastic doctor that he not only listens to your physical problems but he makes time for whatever else might be bothering you. He answers your calls within the hour when you call him and always… See more

from Robert March 29, 2017 for Dwayne M. Aboud, MD

A great Dr. He always can be reached and always promptly answers his e-mail.

from Eric in FL March 28, 2017 for Dwayne M. Aboud, MD

My doctor is the best, saved my life -- TESTING ERG.

from Helen in TX February 11, 2015 for Dwayne M. Aboud, MD

Very pleased with my Physican

from Arvin in TX March 16, 2014 for Dwayne M. Aboud, MD

Shortly after beginning with MDVIP, I had an a most positive experience with Dr. Aboud. I was about to leave Fort Lauderdale on a cruise when I discovered that I didn't have my Parkinson's medication and needed a new prescription. Since both myself and my physician son-in-law were not neurologists or primary care specialists, the pharmacist would not accept our prescriptions.… See more

from Johnny in TX February 28, 2014 for Dwayne M. Aboud, MD

During the first year that I was with Dr. Aboud as a MDVIP doctor he found that my thyroid function was minimal and prescribed a thyroid supplement that corrected the deficiency. Needless to say he was able to isolate the issue even though I had almost no symptoms and all other tests were very normal. Subsequently, I have noticed that even the minimal symptoms have disappeared and… See more

from Helen in TX February 25, 2014 for Dwayne M. Aboud, MD

Dr Aboud is always there when you need him , easy to get to and always have an answer to your problem ,He takes the time to talk to you ,and I need that to help
me since I lost my husband,it is very hard, Thank you Dr Aboud for all you have done for me.

from Roberto in TX February 20, 2014 for Dwayne M. Aboud, MD

In August 1987 I was hit head on by a semi truck. i was taken to Providence hospital with serious internal injuries, left ankle completed twisted and hanging by a thread of skin,my left thigh bone broken and the bone protruding the skin, a deep gash from the top of my head to below my left eye and numerous cuts and scrapes throughout my body. But thanks to Dr. Aboud who put team of doctors… See more

from Linda in TX February 12, 2014 for Dwayne M. Aboud, MD

Dr. Aboud has helped me learn I am the one responsible to take of myself with his gentle guidance, suggestions and professional medical treatment. He is always available to answer my questions. The personal attention I receive as an MDVIP patient makes it much easier to call his staff to make an appointment when necessary. I dont feel I am an unknown when I need help with a prescription or… See more

from Bobbie in TX February 10, 2014 for Dwayne M. Aboud, MD

I had been seeing Dr. Aboud for over twenty years when he joined up with MDVIP. I liked the idea and have been very happy with everything about the program. I get more attention, never wait more than 10 minutes to see Dr Aboud and his staff is the best ever. So happy to be there. Also, my wife just joined MDVIP because I bragged on my experience there!

Annual Membership Fee

375.00per quarter
750.00per semi-annual
1,500.00per year