Kim E. Scott, MD

Internal Medicine
1790 Sun Peak Drive Suite A 101
Park City, UT 84098 Get Directions

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412.50per quarter
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I love my MDVIP-affiliated practice because it allows me the time to provide personalized care that will improve the quality of life for each of my patients. I have the time to get know my patients beyond their symptoms and care for them in a comfortable and friendly home.

Park City is a very active community. I love the "great outdoors" and want to help my patients lead healthier, more active lives and take advantage of their beautiful surroundings.

Dr. Yong Hui Ahn, also an MDVIP-affiliated physician, sees patients in our Park City office.

Dr. Scott's Credentials

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Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center
Phoenix, AZ
Internal Medicine 1979-1982

Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center
Phoenix, AZ
Internal Medicine 1979-1980

Medical School:
University of Nebraska
Omaha, NE
Doctorate of Medicine 1979

University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE
Bachelor of Science, Zoology 1976

American Board of Internal Medicine
University of Utah Hospital
Medical Resident of the Year, Good Samaritan Medical Residency 1980-1981
Leslie B. Smith Gold Medal Award, Maricopa County Medical Society 1981
Top Ten Internists in Phoenix, Doctors Choice in Phoenix magazine 1995-1999
Salt Lake City Olympic Games, Chief Medical Officer for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies 2002
Chief of Medicine, Staff of over 1,000, Phoenix Baptist Hospital 1993-1994
Clinical Instructor/Attending Physician for Residency
Good Samaritan Hospital 1982-1983
Phoenix Baptist Hospital 1982-1998
University of Arizona 1997-1998
University of Utah 1998-2001
Family, hiking , golf, snow shoeing, skiing, fly fishing, movies & music
from Pauline in UT February 24, 2014 for Kim E. Scott, MD

I am so fortunate to have Kim as my doctor. I value her advice re wellness and prevention, and appreciate the fact I can call her at any time. The whole office experience is delightful !

from Connie in UT February 24, 2014 for Kim E. Scott, MD

It is so fantastic having Dr. Scott in my corner with her vast knowledge and super caring attitude. I was having difficulty breathing on New Years Day so I called her. She immediately phoned me in an inhaler and told me she wanted to hear from me within an hour after I had first used it. If my symptoms had not abetted then she was going to meet me in her office even though it was a holiday… See more

from Kay in UT February 20, 2014 for Kim E. Scott, MD

About Dr. Kim Scott

A few years ago I was suffering from erratic blood pressure, high and low. In addition I was nauseous and dizzy. Dr. Scott made sure I was thoroughly checked. One of the specialists gave me a med for nauseousness. Kim wasn't buying that. She said this was something unusual for me. We need to find out why is this happening. She was tenacious in her quest for an… See more

from Tom in UT February 20, 2014 for Kim E. Scott, MD

I have come to think of Dr. Kim Scott as a Touchstone in my life. I went through a very difficult time that resulted in a transplant. Dr. Scott was there for me as I worked through all of the issues resulting in a successful procedure. Now that I am fine, my wife and I enjoy our relationship with her. She is there for a call when we need her and we never have to wait to hear back if she is… See more

from Barbara in UT February 18, 2014 for Kim E. Scott, MD

I saw Dr Scott for my annual physical in September and she picked up some changes in my lab results and referred me to a hematologist. I was diagnosed with CLL. The slight changes might have been overlooked by someone else but Dr. Scott was so thorough that the CLL was picked up early.

from Kristen in UT February 15, 2014 for Kim E. Scott, MD

I just love Dr. Scott! Never before have I been to a doctor that has given me such personalized care. She takes the time to really listen and never makes me feel that she is dismissing my concerns as silly. She is so knowledgeable and is always very up on the latest information. I also LOVE that she is so open to natural ways of healing! I am very pleased with my experiences with Dr.… See more

from Robert and Eleanor in UT February 10, 2014 for Kim E. Scott, MD

Dr. Scott has been our Doctor for over ten years and I can only say that she is the very best. We owe her such a great debt. I have never encountered another professional more skilled, prepared or more compassionate than Dr. Scott. You can always count on her A+Game in treatment as well as follow up. Her small staff follows her example and is also exceptional. She is humble as well as… See more

from Steve in UT February 10, 2014 for Kim E. Scott, MD

For years my wife and I lived outside the US in third world countries. Dr. Scott was our physician during this entire time and was always just a phone call away. On more than one occasion, she was on the phone with us or the medical service provider in these countries talking us through procedures and courses of action. When we were back in the US on annual home leave, Dr. Scott made sure… See more

from Andy in UT February 8, 2014 for Kim E. Scott, MD

It is not possible to put into words how hard Dr Scott has worked to try and help with the many complicated, debilitating diseases that I suffer from.
She has researched tirelessly (harder than my specialists), to find the very latest treatments and information.
No Doctor could possibly be more dedicated, compassionate and professional than Dr.Scott.
Unfortunately I can… See more

from Clifford in UT February 8, 2014 for Kim E. Scott, MD

I have only been with Dr, Scott for a little over a year. I came from a long-standing relationship with another physician. Dr. Scott is by far the best I have EVER seen. She is caring and knows her stuff. I am very impressed with what she knows both in terms of breadth and depth.

Annual Membership Fee

412.50per quarter
825.00per semi-annual
1,650.00per year