Samuel I. Benesh, MD

Internal Medicine
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Samuel I. Benesh, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

As a physician practicing for 30 years, I firmly believe that personalized patient care is the most effective way to practice medicine. Having the time to really listen to patient concerns and to focus on preventive care as well as existing health problems, provides better outcomes for my patients. Coordinating and overseeing all aspects of my patients' care reduces the stress that many people experience in navigating our complicated healthcare system. It is my goal to help my patients achieve their optimal health by being attentive to their individual issues and creating personalized wellness plans that best meet their needs.

Dr. Benesh's Credentials

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University of Maryland Hospital
Baltimore, MD
Internal Medicine 1975-1977

University of Maryland Hospital
Baltimore, MD

Medical School:
University of Maryland
Baltimore, MD
Doctorate of Medicine 1974

University of Maryland Hospital
Baltimore, MD
Cardiology 1977-1979

Franklin and Marshall College
Lancaster, PA
Bachelor of Arts, Biology 1970

American Board of Internal Medicine
Sinai Hospital
NorthWest Hospital
Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society
Internist of the Year, Sinai Hospital 1994
John Hopkins Medical School, Instructor of Medicine, part time 1997-present
University of Maryland School of Medicine, Clinical Instructor of Medicine 1997-present
Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland
American Medical Association
American Physicians Fellowship
from Lovada in MD March 15, 2018 for Samuel I. Benesh, MD

I was with a doctor in a health group and she took me off my blood pressure pills and nearly killed me. I switched to another health group doctor and she was there to just check me and 5 others in 1 hour to meet her quota. She didn't think my high blood sugar was important enough to evaluate until my next 15 minute slot in 3 months. A friend advised me to go to MDVIP and Dr. Samuel… See more

from Monzella in MD March 13, 2018 for Samuel I. Benesh, MD

I moved to Baltimore from San Diego, California and had excellent doctors.
I am very pleased with the personalized services that Dr. Benesh provides which includes office discussions of my health analysis and concerns. As a senior, this is very important to me as well as knowing that Dr.Benesh is very knowledgeable.

from Marilyn in MD March 8, 2018 for Samuel I. Benesh, MD

I was only in Baltimore for the summer last year, but felt very comforted upon having chosen Dr. Benesch. Dr. Benesch, then made that feeling become a reality many times last summer. Not only was he ever available, and always ready to help, he was kind, and very capable of being in charge of my health care, which is surely not an easy task. My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Benesh

from Michael in MD March 4, 2018 for Samuel I. Benesh, MD

Doctor Benesh is the Best.

from Marie in MD March 4, 2018 for Samuel I. Benesh, MD

Dr. Benesh saved my life and continues to do everything he can to ensure that I am the healthiest that I can be. How do you thank someone for that?

from Jonathan in MD March 3, 2018 for Samuel I. Benesh, MD

Dr. Benesh has known me and for almost my entire life. He is always available when I need him and always has the answers. I feel comfortable contacting him for any issue big or small. I would never consider another doctor.

from Barbara in MD March 2, 2018 for Samuel I. Benesh, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Benesh for several decades, and he deserves many more than a mere 5 stars. He is someone who is not only very medically knowledgeable -- he is, every bit as importantly, someone who sees me, not just looks at me. Dr. Benesh is easy to talk to, he is also responsive. I have never hesitated to bring up any health concern whatsoever. He makes certain that I… See more

from Alma in MD March 1, 2018 for Samuel I. Benesh, MD

Dr. Benesh has helped me to attain a level of health and fitness I never though I could retain after several life threatening crises, each that required months and months of recovery and and work to build myself back up. I have regular appointments throughout the year so he can check for nay markers that would signal another health crisis. He encourages me to maintain my regular exercise and… See more

from Carol & Zenia in MD March 1, 2018 for Samuel I. Benesh, MD

Dr. Benesh,

Both my Mom and I appreciate your knowledge, wisdom, care, and more than anything, how you talk to us and how you listen.

We never had a primary care physician who treated us so well, and focused on medical care from the proactive standpoint. It was always reactive and the care and bedside manner was lacking all the way around.

So we want to celebrate you for… See more

from Sherry in MD February 28, 2018 for Samuel I. Benesh, MD

Dr Benesh is also my moms doctor. My mom has dimentia . I learned , what I think , is patience in dealing with my mom from Dr. Benesh. It was a small incident that happened between my mother and the Dr. and I saw just how he took care , of what may have been more frustration put upon me, with approaching the solution in that one moment in time and I must say it was a real eye opener for me… See more