Sophia Rosebrook, DO

Family Medicine
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Sophia Rosebrook, DO
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

Let me start by saying I absolutely LOVE what I do! As a family physician, my scope of practice encompasses the full spectrum of life from birth to the golden years, including women's health, psychiatry, general internal medicine and procedures. My medical training as a DO was heavily based on the osteopathic principle of the holistic approach, taking into consideration the intricate connection between the mind, body and soul of a human being. I personally have a rather interactive approach to my medical decision-making process with my patients and often times, I ask them directly what they would like to do, not do or what they think we should do. Together, with my medical knowledge and experience in collaboration with your perspective, we can  take part in the responsibility of your health. I will always try to choose what I believe is in the best interest of my patients. I am a firm believer that there is always something to learn from each and every one of my patients no matter their age, gender, walk of life, spiritual or political beliefs, ethnicity or sexual orientation. I am also very passionate about providing more attentive patient care tailored to each individual. I am humbled and honored to assist you in your journey toward healing and well-being.

Born and raised in Paris, France, I spent the majority of my early life traveling back and forth between Europe and the States. My medical journey began at the University of Pennsylvania where I completed my Post-Baccalaureate Premedical program. During that time, I discovered osteopathy and am grateful for my career and my patients. 

I strive to achieve balance in my life through exercise, meditation, and creativity (art work, dance, music, interior design). I am an adventurer at heart. I love discovering new places and people. Spending precious family time with my two small boys and my amazing family and friends in the US, Europe and Algeria is a priority in my life. I also have interests in functional medicine, life coaching, aesthetic procedures, medical mission work both abroad and within our own communities.


 It is important, now more than ever, to have a primary care doctor who has the time and resources to care for you personally and proactively. Watch this video to hear more.

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Dr. Rosebrook's Credentials

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Largo Medical Center
Largo, FL
Family Medicine 2012-2014

Largo Medical Center
Largo, FL

Medical School:
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Philadelphia, PA
Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine 2011

Sorbonne Nouvelle University
Paris, France
Master of Arts, Social Sciences 2002

Sorbonne Nouvelle University
Paris, France
Bachelor of Arts, English Literature 2001

American Osteopathic Association
Center Medical Director, Concentra 2019-2020
Medical Relief Mission Trip, Dilaire, Haiti 2014
Leukemia/Lymphoma/Transplant Service, Hospital University of Pennsylvania 2003-2004