35+ years of excellent care from Dr. Krauss!

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| March, 18 2020 | for Ron Krauss, MD

Dr. Krauss has always helped me to overcome any medical condition throughout all the years. If he felt that I needed a specialist, he never hesitated to refer me. Most of the time Dr. Krauss was able to help me himself. I always appreciated his cheerfulness and enthusiasm about being a doctor. No matter what the reason was for an appointment, he was always willing to spend as much time with me as I needed. He is an advocate for preventative measures to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including good nutrition and exercise.
Since becoming an MDVIP doctor, the annual physicals are more detailed than before and cover many more tests. Many of the samples taken are sent to the Cleveland Clinic for evaluation. Their results are very detailed and informative. When I tell friends and others in the medical field that my tests are sent to the Cleveland Clinic, I get a thumbs up! When my test results come back from Cleveland, Dr. Krauss spends about an hour going over the results with me. I feel that I am getting very good care! Thank you Dr. Krauss!