After my annual physical with my physician in June 2013

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| February, 8 2014 | for Bill Lovell, MD

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After my annual physical with my physician in June 2013, I was so dissatisfied with the lack of thoroughness and the 10 minutes duration of the procedure that I set out to find a better alternative to the health care I was then receiving. I have since become Dr. Lovell's patient and have been extremely satisfied with the quality of the care he provides and with the competency and friendliness of his staff
He recently performed the most thorough physical exam I've ever experienced and uncovered several significant health issues that had been missed by my former physician. An example: I had been taking 3 of my medications at the wrong time of day for years and my former physicians failed to notice this, let alone suggest my changing my routine. Dr. Lovell caught the error immediately and I have now altered my routine to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the meds. Thank you, Dr. Lovell.