Always There For Us

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| March, 11 2020 | for W Philip Morrissette III MD

Dr. Morrissette has always been there for us. We can count on him to give us good advice but also to consult when our children or grandchildren have an issue. He has taken care of all of us so well that both of my children are now his patients. Just last month, I had a large swelling in my leg with no apparent reason. He Xrayed it and pacified my concerns as my mother died of a blood clot. When it moved up my leg, Dr. Morrissette sent me off immediately to have it MRId to ensure all was okay. He was there for me the entire time. He has also helped our daughter before she was officially with MDVIP with small but important issues which other doctors have not been able to solve. After her physical, he diagnosed a yeast infection which had left her fatigued for months. He was able to allay her fears when her children got bumps and bruises or when she had a rash, all without even having to go to the office. Most importantly, he was able to help our oldest child, who is now also a MDVIP member, find a pain management doctor. When his previous doctor's care seem sporadic and counterproductive, Dr. Morrissette found him a new and better doctor. Together they have improved his quality of life. Whether it's a big issue or a small one, we are thankful to have Dr. Phil. He has always been there.