Angel on Earth

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| March, 12 2020 | for Tobin Fisher, MD

I have the greatest respect and confidence in Dr. Fisher. He takes the time to "KNOW" his patients to effect the greatest and best outcome in patient health. He cares about the people in his ward. My personal experiences with Dr. Fisher are many. They go from cancer diagnosis and treatment to hypertension, to sepsis, to A-fib, to a TIA, etc. Dr. Fisher was quick to diagnose and treat my symptoms thereby finding root cause and initiating a proper treatment to get me back on my feet. All this said, he saved my life on more than one occasion. Because of Dr Fisher's skills, expertise, and heart I have quality of life. I feel like I have not only a doctor I trust, but a listening ear and friend that allows me to share my side of my story, too. Even though he has met his calling on earth as a healer, I am blessed to have him as my Angel on earth.