Awesome doctor and staff!!!

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| September, 30 2016 | for J. Frank Martin Jr., MD

I don't know where to start about what type of Doctor/Man Dr. Martin is. I have known him for about 12 years and had not talked to him or seen him
In 10 years when I sent him a text. It was literally about 2 minutes and his familiar compassionate voice was on the phone. He was calling me and talking with me like we had seen each other everyday. He had not changed a bit. He talked to me for a while and we caught up and he told me to make an appointment with Elise for three days out. I went in as a new patient since it had been a while and I could not believe that my paperwork was entered, I was checked in, and before I could take a seat in the waiting room my name was being called. That's incredible. I was in an exam room within 9 minutes of my arrival. Dr. Martin came in and was seated before me within 5 minutes after getting in a room. From there it was just like old times. He talked to me as if we were sitting on a front porch somewhere while allthewhile meticulously scouring my medical records and addressing my issues with precise and straightforward detail. He then outlined a plan on how to get me where I should be health wise ( and I have a LOT of medical
Conditions ). I am 1000 confident that he has ME in his best interest and that he will change my life with his care. Awesome doctor and staff!!!