Been her patient for over a decade and a half!

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Bruce G and Gayle
| March, 27 2021 | for Esther Guy, MD
Image provided by: Bruce G and Gayle

Dr. Guy is a wonderful physician who truly cares about her patients. She immediately addresses problems such as potentially dangerous weight gain which occurred in my case. In addition to the tests that she runs as a consequence of being an internist, she asks about other aspects of your health plan, such as regular eye exams and periodic dental care. Once a problem or condition is identified, she stays on top of your situation and makes certain that regular testing is performed to monitor the condition. Should a condition require a specialist, such as an orthopedic problem or persistent severe sinus infections, she recommends top-notch specialists.

At the annual physical, Dr. Guy always personally inquires about any changes in family medical history which no other doctor in my experience has done. This is extremely valuable if you have an older sibling who may serve as a predictor of future problems.

Both my husband and I have been her patients for over 15 years.