Best Advice Ever!

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Ken and Marcia
| November, 25 2020 | for Spencer Phillips, MD, FAAFP

We are currently in Florida at our condo and live more permanently in PA. We had planned to fly back north for Thanksgiving and attend a family gathering for those days. I called Dr. Phillips to ask his advice on whether he thought I should do this or not! He said "no way should you even consider doing that, especially with your compromised immunity" husband and I took his advice and cancelled our airlines, and sadly told our extended family we couldn't come (first thanksgiving we haven't been together in 52 years)
His advice ended up saving me from direct exposure to our daughter. We would have flown home Tuesday and been with she and her family all day. This morning, Late last night she started with a terrible headache, fever, dry cough, etc. So....listen to your Physician! especially if it is an MDVIP Doctor in the name of Dr. Spencer Phillips! #bestdoctorever #tookhisadviceeventhoughitwassadtomiss