The best docter in the world!!

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| March, 15 2020 | for Kathi McCree, MD
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Dr. McCree is the most delightful person to be around always gregarious, very friendly, witty and clever. However, she gets deadly serious when it comes to my health. She has pulled me through some tough situations. She always spends the time explaining in easy understandable terms the seriousness of all the data and test regarding my circumstances. She frequently suggest reading material and other avenues of learning to gain more knowledge about living a healthy and disciplined life. She will put a measuring tape around your belly and tell you two inches has to come off before next time. Through her expert knowledge and convincing persuasion she has completely change my eating habits and I have never felt better. It is because of her sincere and genuine interest in all of her patients that a person feels compelled to respond to her suggestions for a more healthy life style. Dr. McCree is a shinning example of what a great medical doctor should be. I am so thankful to be one of her many patients and I trust her every move. I feel like she is a good friend.