The Best Physician We Have Ever Had

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| March, 12 2020 | for Joel I. Silverman, DO, FACP

My wife had been feeling poorly nearly 1 year. She was tired and sleeping more than usual.She did not have the energy to enjoy her hobbies or socialize as she had prior to this. She had seen our regular doctor at the time, had a physical and "routine" blood work taken. According to the doctor, everything was normal. She was encouraged to exercise more and have a positive outlook. The fatigue persisted and after this physician's office continued to forget to call her back, refill her regular medicine and not complete an important form that she needed, we decided to switch. We asked an physician whom he would choose and we went to that doctor. There was a long waiting period to get an appointment. When she finally got to the office, the NP did her physical and order laboratory tests. Again she was told everything was normal. She finally did see the new doctor and was not really impressed by her.

Once again we made a change. This time, after a different recommendation, she met with Dr. Silverman to see if he would be the right doctor for us. I remember her coming home and saying how impressed she was by him. I had to meet him and felt the same way. I am a physician and my wife was in medical research - the kind of patients the average physician does NOT want to have. Dr. Silverman truly welcomed us to his practice.

My wife was scheduled for her initial history and physical examination. It was perhaps the most detailed history and complete physical examination we have ever had. Not one item was overlooked. The laboratory work was also ordered.

This time my wife was called back to the office. Her calcium was high. Dr. Silverman had our old records which he had reviewed and showed us the elevated calcium that each of the prior 2 doctors had missed! This lead to more testing and the diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism, a recommendation to an excellent surgeon and now my dear wife is getting back to her old self.

Dr. Silverman is the type of physician that everyone should have. He had an excellent medical knowledge, has given us excellent referrals and is also ready to help when we need him. I/we cannot recommend him highly enough.