The best primary care physician I've encountered

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| March, 29 2020 | for Eric A. Huerter, MD

I have encountered a variety of challenging mental and physical health problems throughout my 43 years of life, and throughout that time I've met and worked with countless physicians of all types. I have my share of "horror stories," or encounters with really awful, uncompassionate and incompetent people in the medical profession. And while I've also had positive experiences with good physicians, my life hasn't benefited from any of those relationships to the extent that it has with Dr. Eric Huerter. It's not an exaggeration to say that, while my health continues to pose more and more challenges and questions, my quality of life has nevertheless improved since I began seeing Dr. Huerter as my primary care physician, and I can say unequivocally that he is the best primary care physician with whom I've had the pleasure of working.

Dr. Heurter's bedside manner is most impressive, and I really feel as though he cares about me as an individual--as a human being--and not as if I'm just "another patient." I've even encountered him outside of the office--elsewhere in town--and it is quite evident that he values the various relationships he forms with his patients. He cares about their health concerns first and foremost, but he also cares about each patient's overall well-being and takes an interest in their lives.

Dr. Heurter also exhibits a thorough understanding of the medical world, and he is almost always able to present me with several options or things to consider when we are discussing a certain problem--and the fact that he takes the time to discuss these things WITH me, rather than simply telling me what he's going to do, is a valuable characteristic that is hard to find in a doctor. While final decisions and diagnoses are always left up to his medical expertise, he always makes me feel as though I have input about a given situation, and I feel as though he takes my opinions and concerns very seriously. In short, I feel as though we have a "collaborative" relationship, and I'm grateful that he listens to me with compassion, particularly since I'm someone who deals with anxiety disorder, chronic pain, etc.

Dr. Huerter has more than enough ability and knowledge to make appropriate and helpful decisions regarding the well-being of his patients, yet he remains modest and open-minded, and he makes sure to consider his patients' concerns and all of their health conditions when making those decisions. Furthermore, he always takes prompt and appropriate action during times of urgency, unafraid to run various tests and even hospitalize someone if it's deemed prudent. He and his staff have also been helpful in many other respects: in dealing with the insurance company to get medications covered, in arranging referrals to specialists, etc. I'd also like to compliment and praise his staff (Michal-Ann and others) for doing such a great job at assisting both me and the doctor, and for getting things done so efficiently.

In sum, there's not a soul to whom I would not recommend Dr. Eric Huerter. I consider myself to be very fortunate to be his patient, and he helps me stay positive throughout some challenging times, for all the reasons already stated--and I'd add that I also appreciate his sense of humor. Sometimes laughter can be some pretty good medicine, indeed.

Thanks for all you do, Dr. EH!