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| April, 28 2020 | for Karl J. Edelmann, MD, FAAFP

On Wednesday, April 22 I had to make the decision to have my husband placed under Hospice care. He is 82 and is dying of prostate cancer. Things are very difficult with the Coronavirus, and it is very hard to follow through with regular doctors appointments. We live in the State of Michigan and our shut down is very strict.
I am my husbands caregiver. On Friday, April 24 I was having a complete meltdown. I called my doctor and explained the situation. My doctor, Dr. Karl J. Edelmann is a MDVIP doctor and I am one of his patients.
Karl responded to my request and personally drove to our house to deliver the prescription. He was here in 45 minutes. Karl gave me a wonderful “pep talk” to keep my spirits up.
He is a wonderful and caring doctor. I have been one of his patients for over 20 years. I can only say good things about Dr.Karl Edelmann.