Blessed to have the BEST - Dr. Brent Berger

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| March, 23 2020 | for Brent A. Berger, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Berger's for more years than I can remember (20+ I'm sure!), and cannot imagine having any other doctor. Aside from being an extremely wise and skilled doctor, he has an amazing bedside manner. He listen's, a lot, and really gets to the heart of medical issues. He pays attention to the details and patiently goes through any test results so that he's sure I fully understand. I don't think I ever knew what a thorough physical was until he was my doctor.

I was sick with the flu last winter and he or Pat (nurse extraordinaire) called me every single day for more than a week to see how I was doing and to determine if anything with my treatment or recovery needed to be adjusted. If ever I have needed medical care or advice, in all the many years I've been with him, I've had a same day response and then he proactively follows up to see how I am. My life is busy and sometimes stressful, but one thing I have never had to worry about is being able to reach my doctor when I need him.

I've made some positive changes in the health of my life with his encouragement and at the age of 58, I've never been in better health. I wish everyone could have a Dr. Brent Berger. Thank you Dr. Berger for all you do every day for each of your patients like me. You ROCK DOC!!!