Breathless in st Petersburg

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| April, 3 2022 | for Frederic J. Guerrier, MD

I moved from Kentucky to St. Petersburg in October 2020 and was astonished at how slow it was to maneuver medical issues do to the number of elderly seeking medical assistance. When I suddenly developed difficulty breathing in mid November 2021, it took almost 45 days to diagnose the problem was pulmonary emboli and further astonished that my physician at that time would not accept any telephone calls pertaining to my condition. At the urging of my son, I contacted MDVIP and Dr Guerrier who quickly arranged for a battery of tests to assess my medical issues which went further than the emboli and coordinated with my pulmonologist to be certain his services were on the right track. I have been with MDVIP and Dr. G a little more than 3 months and am very satisfied and glad I made the switch. I was surprised when Dr G contacted me this week to express solace over my pet that I had to euthanize on 3/28. How many physicians would take the time to do that!