Brilliant mind and gifted physician - Frederic Guerrier, M.D.

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| September, 9 2021 | for Frederic J. Guerrier, MD

It is now going on five years since Dr. Guerrier accepted me as a patient. I would not be here today were it not for his excellent treatment, his ability to connect, and his investigative brilliant mind. I can say he saved my life one Saturday morning a year ago. I had a blood test the day before that another doctor had ordered. When my wife looked at the results Saturday morning she noticed many results were abnormal and decided to text Dr. Guerrier. He called back in five minutes to tell us he had called the ER to let them know I was coming in, and he met us there. I was admitted for a week, and my life was saved.

From the moment I entered the doors to his office, I felt welcomed, and knew I was in the right place. His office staff is delightful, efficient, professional and caring.

Dr. Guerrier has been a godsend and blessing to us. He is a gifted physician.