Celebrating Dr. John Sensenbrenner - A Man of Integrity

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| March, 12 2020 | for John W. Sensenbrenner, MD
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I don’t have just one story that I can share about Dr. Sensenbrenner ... I have a lifetime of care, laughter, and friendship to share! I have met a few people in my walk of life that may be on equal ground when it comes to patient care and work ethic, but even fewer, if any, have ever eclipsed it! It goes without saying what a phenomenal doctor Dr. Sensenbrenner is, but I want to share how remarkable John Sensenbrenner, the man is. There are so many traits and characteristics that I admire about Dr. Sensenbrenner, but a few do stand out. First and foremost, he has a great sense of humility, a trait that is often overlooked but most important in defining the true measure of a man. Further, he is moral and just, never judging anyone too quickly or without all of the facts and never holding a grudge. Finally, Dr. Sensenbrenner is a man of integrity, always worthy of your trust. In life and in the field of healthcare, this is perhaps the most important quality one can have ... and the one quality I admire most as Dr. Sensenbrenner’s patient and friend - and that’s exactly how he treats every last one of his patients - like a friend. His care is up close and personal and each person is treated like family when it comes to their health. When you look for a physician, you look not only for someone who is knowledgeable in their field, but also someone that you can trust. One need not look any further than Dr. Sensenbrenner. Looking back over my lifetime, there isn’t any other doctor I would have rather had looking after me! On a personal note, thank you Dr. Sensenbrenner for a great 30 years of care and lifelong friendship! You are greatly appreciated!!