Complication is a minor adjective describing my conditions.

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| January, 30 2013 | for Tim B. Cummings, MD

Complication is a minor adjective describing my conditions. To begin with I have had MS for years; within one year, 2011, I underwent cancerous thyroidectomy and lymph nodes removal, getting it all. The Doctor he sent me to was excellent.Then, ten months later “malignant cells on every test including biopsy adrenalectomy containing a pheochromycytoma was diagnosed in which Dr. Cummings diagnosed and sent me to the only 2 doctors in GA who perform this dangerous surgery at Emory University Hospital. Surgery on 12/27/11. I came home with oxygen, catheter and home nurse. Stomach pain started up again (which I had prior to surgery), nurse was here and called Dr. Cummings. He advised I get to the nearest hospital. I did. I stayed there hours, then was put in an ambulance and sent back to Emory , ‘Where this started,†is what I heard them say. I was re-admitted to Emory, I had 2 patient rooms near me full of sequestered students and whom else, I have no idea, but they were all studying me and came in with gowns, masks and gloves on to talk to me. I was released again with oxygen and a diagnosis of UTI !!! They hid the Klebsiella case and did not report it to CDC to my knowledge. I did, via twitter. Dr. Cummings did more tests and results (including the 24 hour urine one) were Klebsiella Super Bug. I did get this at Emory (I have written confirmation from my 2nd IDD on that). The first Infectious Disease Center and doctors i went to lied to me and on report to Dr. Cummings about how long he observed my bacteria. I walked in with Klebsiella. He took the picc line out after 20 minutes (a quick urine test) not a 3 day culture which he wrote in the report. I had a friend with me to verify. He left to go home to India that night. I told Dr. Cummings I could not go back to them , and he was so accommodating in getting me into Dr. Durham and Murray. I have had 3 picc lines now. The 3rd one in currently. The medicine takes the bacteria down to such a minute amount that it hides and doesn’t get in the test, plus I feel better for about a week off antibiotic. Then the super bug takes off like GA summer Kudzu and slaps me back in bed with more meds. Dr. Cummings worked so hard with me through the holidays by keeping me on oral antibiotic and strict instructions on what to be drinking, using probiotic and I made it. He tested my urine every week, and it kept creeping up.By Jan. I had to go back to IDD. He is puzzled too. I am so sick, yet he will get a clear result at times. I just want Dr. Cummings treating it; however, he is helping me get into Mayo now. This has gone on for a year now.Dr. Cummings also sent me to an excellent female urologist. She did a cat scan w/die and performed herself a cystoscope. My bladder looked great~ not infection there which is what IDD kept blaming it on. I need my life back, and Dr. Cummings and staff want me to get it back. He knows how active I am with family, church, community and my desire to do the next ‘Walk with the Doc,†walk. If it were not for Dr. Cummings, I may not be here. I have read of all the people dyeing with this super bug strain of klebsiella. I also picked up MRSA two times from IDD Center because it was the only place I went. It was internal and short lived both times. My life has been unjoyous, but thanks to Dr. Cummings, I do have hope. His staff is always so nice and feel so sad for me. They all are overly empathetic. Dr. Cummings convinces me always that we will get rid of this. He is THE BEST.