Congratulations Dr. Carver!

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| October, 8 2014 | for David R. Carver, MD

Congratulations Dr. Carver! I am thrilled that you have been recognized as one of the Best Doctors, something I can attest to and have known for over 25 years. One of the things that I appreciate about Dr. Carver is that the last two years he has treated me without being compensated by my insurance company. Because he is a MDVIP, the insurance company refused to recognize him as my provider even though the two of us fought long and hard to gain recognition to no avail. Dr. Carver is always available to me by office visits, phone calls, emails, and text messaging. He keeps abreast of the latest medical treatments and technology. He encourages me to take better care of myself and makes suggestions to help me achieve my goals and on occasion has prayed with and for me. I count him a dear friend as well as my physician. As I have told him in the past, he is my gift from God. Thank you Dr. Carver and may God bless you and continue using you in His service.