Could there be a better doctor?

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| March, 12 2020 | for Allen Sonstein, MD

When I first met Dr. Sonstein I had just had to say goodbye to my primary doctor. I had searched all over Austin and met with several doctors before deciding on Dr. Sonstein. He was kind and warm and he actually spent time with me.
This was definitely something I wasn't used to but I had much desired especially with my health issues. He picked right up with a plan of action and hasn't stopped since..
For me it has been the best decision ever to have Dr. Sonstein on my team managing my day to day health along with a very rare disease I have too.
Since seeing my doctor my health has improved ten fold. I don't have the intestinal issues that I once had. Doctor Sonstein is directly responsible for me feeling better and I am grateful for him. I consider him a top notch doctor and a top notch friend. Thanks Doc.