Diabetes and a new outlook

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| March, 12 2020 | for Janna Massar, MD
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Other doctors had not reacted to my elevated glucose numbers. One said it was pre diabetes and just to watch it. Dr. Massar said no we were not doing that and put me on MetFormin. It was a real wake up call and scared me . I really took her message seriously and got busy losing weight and trying to get my numbers down. I have never weighed less and my numbers are better than ever. I still strive to be off medication but with her guidance I feel I will get there. She is quick to respond to anything that bothers me or my husband. We have never felt or looked better in our 70 plus years. We have such a great feeling knowing we can text or call her at anytime and get the help or answers we need. She has been a game changer in our lives. We are so grateful to be her patients.