A Doctor with Heart

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| March, 20 2020 | for Steve Dillon, MD, FACP
Image provided by: Sharron

Dr Dillon has walked with us through many challenging medical issues and many triumphs in our lives. He is a smart guy who really knows his stuff. You could say that about many doctors but what lifts him above the rest is his heart. He truly cares about us as people. After my first bout with cancer and still under treatment, my young husband had cardiac arrest that left him with a very serious brain injury. My world shattered and I was not the easiest person to deal with for awhile. Dr Dillon was patient and kind with me and so good with my husband. He has continued to be encouraging and supportive of me as a person and caregiver. Even now that my husband appears to be just fine to others, Dr Dillon knows what a difficult challenge still remains for me to care for him. He frequently tells me that I am doing a great job and gives me the credit for how far my husband has progressed. This kind of encouragement is rare so I feel most blessed that Dr Dillon is our doctor and friend. When I was very recently diagnosed with two more cancers requiring mastectomy, the news hit him especially hard. I am doing very well now and we look forward to more years of good care from our wonderful doctor.