A Doctor that Takes His Oath Seriously

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| March, 29 2020 | for Robert Ammlung, MD

Dr. Ammlung has provided healthcare to my deceased husband and I well before MDVIP. I have been his patient for at least 25 years or more. Dr. Ammlung has always shown a genuine concern for his patients by truly listening and taking your health issues seriously. Because of a concern I had about my husband, I contacted Dr. Ammlung. He immediately scheduled him for an MRI which saved his life. Dr. Ammlung is equivalent to what I call "good old fashioned doctoring where doctors took their oath seriously". Under the health programs (HMO & PPO), doctors were literally herding people in and out of their office because of a time limitation allotted each patient. I never experienced that with Dr. Ammlung. At any point, if a specialist or testing is necessary, it is provided. I fully trust his judgment for recommendations. With MDVIP, I enjoy the fact, I can be seen within 2 days or less depending on the severity of my concern. Having hypertension, I can stop in at anytime to get my pressure checked which is a plus for me. Dr. Ammlung is very knowledgeable, professional, courteous and has a heart for his patients. I love the way he explains my health issue. Even the diagnosis from other doctors, he breaks it down so I can fully understand it. If I have a concern, whether I am out of town or if it's outside of office hours, I am able to get prompt assistance. Dr. Ammlung has provided me with preventative care advice that has resulted in better physical exam numbers for me. He also keeps a staff that share his same values. They make a trip to the doctor's a little less stressful. His loyalty and dedication to his position makes him most valuable. I truly appreciate Dr. Ammlung and will always recommend him to my family and friends.