Dr Alan Levinstone and MDVIP have completely changed my life

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| June, 16 2016 | for Alan R. Levinstone, MD

Dr Alan Levinstone and MDVIP have completely changed my life. Prior to joining MDVIP, I was working out and somewhat eating right as I battled hypertension, diabetes, and weight control, but my numbers were not improving and to be honest they were getting worse. As soon as I signed up I began to get educated on proper nutrition suggestions to target my health conditions. I also took advantage of the lifestyle change recommendations. The personal attention from Dr Levinstone quickly identified major health issues that were bothering me for years that I was not aware of. We worked together as a team to resolve those conditions and found the correct treatments that were right for ME. Thanks to Dr Levinstone and MDVIP I'm living a healthier lifestyle and more aware of the true health of my body. I was 217lbs when I joined and today I am 189lbs. Joining has been the one of the best decisions of my life. Plus the doc is a really good guy that's always there when you need him. It's like having a doctor in the family!