Dr. Alan Sheff for feeling (most days), at the top of his game!

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| February, 24 2014 | for Alan R. Sheff, MD
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Ladies and Gentlemen of MDVIP,

I write as a relatively healthy 77 year old father of 9, grandfather to 23 and lifelong entrepreneur who, thanks to Dr. Alan Sheff for feeling (most days), at the top of his game!
In fact, as I write this testimonial, l am active as a CEO in jump starting two companies, either or both of which could make a major difference in our nations education and energy policy's. (Executive Summary's available upon request).
Dr Sheff, also my wife's personal physician, (herself a former intensive care and surgical nurse), brings competence, care and timeliness to us in a manner that
far exceeds any that we have experienced in our 147 years of combined living. Also, in tribute to MDVIP, Dr. Sheff confided to me that he questioned whether he could have remained in in General Practice, if it were not for the relief and enjoyment that he has gained from his relationship with your organization.

Thank you for the opportunity to deliver this Thank you to Dr. Sheff as well as MDVIP!