Dr. Alan Sheff is one in a zillion.

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| March, 18 2018 | for Alan R. Sheff, MD

Dr. Alan Sheff is one in a zillion. He was my husband's rock during his struggles with three different cancers from 2000-2016.. He was there for us from the beginning of his last cancer setting up the oncologist appointment and checking in on progress right to the end. After my husband passed he has been most patient with me and my various issues with navigating this loss and my orthopedic problems. I only wish I could have him cloned . I know he will retire one day . . . . and since I plan to live another 20+ years I'll be faced with the task of looking for someone who will have to measure up to Dr. Sheff. . . .When this happen, I know that it will be a very difficult to replace him.