Dr. Allen Markowicz has been my MD for many years

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| March, 10 2020 | for Allen Markowicz, MD MBA FACP

I have been a patient of Dr. Allen Markowicz for many year even before he became an MDVIP member. I did not hesitate to follow him when he joined MDVIP. Sixteen years ago, he saw a change in my EKG during an annual physical. He referred me to a cardiologist and shortly thereafter I had coronary bypass surgery. Thanks to his thorough examination, he found my heart problem and saw that it was resolved. Also, about for years ago, I was out of town and began suffering severe chest and stomach pains that caused me to go to an emergency room. When the ER doctor could not figure out what was causing my discomfort, I gave the doctor my MDVIP card and asked her to call Dr. Markowicz. She did and he correctly diagnosed over the telephone what was a gallbladder attack. Needless to say, the ER doctor was very impressed. I am extremely pleased with Dr. Markowicz and appreciate his concern for my wellbeing.