Dr. Allen Sonstein is the best!!!

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| March, 11 2020 | for Allen Sonstein, MD

My husband and I went to Dr. Allen Sonstein long before he became an MDVIP doctor. He had already been a lifesaver for me as I had open heart surgery and suffered from a collapsed lung. When he visited me on his daily route, he got things moving really fast and I had an emergency procedure promptly. When he said he was becoming an MDVIP doctor, we joined simply because we could not even consider switching to another MD as he already was the best doctor we ever had. Dr. Sonstein has been very attentive. When I had a medical issue, he saw me as I was leaving to travel to our daughter's home in Michigan. We are in Texas. He has been very attentive and has stood by my husband and me through difficult times medically and surgically. He even made a house call once when I was very ill. He almost always fits us in on the same day. In fact, I think he has always seen us on the same day that we have needed him. He really cares about his patients. We don't know what we would do when he retires as no doctor has ever been as dependable, conscientious and any where near as great a physician as Dr. Sonstein.