Dr. Anderson saved my life

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| March, 10 2020 | for Edwin Anderson Jr, MD, FACP

When I became a patient of Dr. Anderson way back when, I was having allergic reaction to medicines and my blood pressure stayed in the danger zone. Dr. Anderson had to really work hard to get my allergies and blood pressure to a normal state. Back in 2008, I had to have emergency surgery because of stomach blockage and I went to Skyline. The only reason why I went to Skyline was because it is very close to my home. They sent me home with my stomach open and packed with gauze but also had put me on blood thinners saying I had a blood clot. I was having to pack towels in my opened stomach. Luckily I had an appointment to see Dr. Anderson in the next day or two. He took one look at the towel that we had catching all the blood and he immediately admitted me into the hospital. I start hemorrhaging and come to find out Skyline had given me some type of horse pills (that I threw most of them in the trash) and those pills were not dissolving and had formed little ulcers in my stomach and that was causing me to hemorrhage. Dr. Anderson took one look at me and said he needed to let his team of physicians look and take care of me. I will always be grateful that I have Dr. Edwin B. Anderson, Jr. as my physician. I have been a patient of Dr. Anderson for over 15 years or better. Thanking GOD for Dr. Anderson.