Dr. Anderson a story of how a Doctor makes a difference!

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| March, 12 2020 | for Edwin Anderson Jr, MD, FACP

I want to tell you about my Doctor , Edwin Anderson! I’ve had two strokes in the past few years one in 2012 and another in 2019. The first one was a mild TIA I had at 11 o’clock one night at home , I went to the ER and by 1 in the morning was feeling alright, I instantly felt better when Dr. Anderson showed up to check on me. Later that week I was headed to the airport at 5. O’clock am and my wife had a question about my blood sugar so we called the doctor and he answered the phone and patiently answered the questions and relieved our anxiety! The next stroke was very serious and I couldn’t move for a long time, every week Dr Anderson visited me and help raise my spirit! He’s Truly one of the most caring people I know. So glad he’s on my health team! Thanks DR. Anderson for everything, I’m getting better with your help and care! Walking2 miles a day now and off all meds! Yippee!