Dr. Barnes - A Quest for Knowledge

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| March, 12 2020 | for John G. Barnes, MD
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The pursuit of knowledge can have many self-serving goals: money, power, fame, admiration, or control, to name just a few. I am continually amazed at the amount of valuable medical knowledge Dr. Barns shares with me, during each and every visit - and, his obvious personal goal of keeping on the “cutting edge” of all current medical knowledge - diagnostic, preventative and new treatment options. But, it is so very clear to me, that his endless personal medical knowledge and his desire to utilize the most current research is not, in anyway, for personal gain. He is genuinely striving, each and every moment that you spend with him, to use knowledge to ensure that we, his patients, have the best quality of life possible. I have never asked him, but I would bet, if asked why he chooses to be a physician, he would say it is for one purpose only: to help his patients in anyway he can. Even his decision to join the MDVIP group, was, I believe, a decision made with much research and knowledge leading him to a way to be a better doctor to his “family.”

Thank you, Dr. Barnes, for your love of knowledge and for offering that knowledge to help keep us as healthy and comfortably as possible!