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| March, 12 2020 | for Donald L. Blackmon, Jr., MD
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I was told my probable diagnosis was Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis "IPF", which I never heard of and when I Googled it, was in shock as to what it was and that there was no treatment and no cure! My life went upside down and my brain spent time in a state of confusion. My then treating PA told me my medical issues were "too complicated" and I needed to find a new doctor which by itself is a scary proposition today because so many of the good doctors that have experience are not taking on new patients. I called Dr. Blackmon's office, they saw me the next day for a "get to know you visit"; I explained I had been orphaned by my current medical practice and was in the midst of a traumatic time and needed to learn about this rare disease and do everything in my power to educate myself and find ways to at least improve my quality of life which was degrading rapidly. Without hesitation Dr. Blackmon took me on as a patient and literally helped walk through a long arduous process of numerous other specialties such as pulmonologists, ENTs, Neuro Surgeons, neurologists and so many different kinds of tests, biopsies, lab work that's too many to list here. But most importantly Dr. Blackmon ask for and received all the other medical tests, records, and brought me into his office and counseled me on them and through the process spent his own personal time educating himself on this very rare disease to help me better handle my battle, so I knew I had a "partner" by my side that cared and demonstrated it at every turn always being there to answer my questions and give me guidance. While I am not cured and presently they offer no hope I ever will be, my daily life is better, my quality of life is better and I have hope I may be able to hang on until they find a cure. The one comforting thing in this horrible experience is I have Dr. Blackmon's email, cell number and know he is always there if I need him and when you are terminal without a lot of hope out there, having him along on the journey makes life more stable and easier to tackle the tough decisions.
Thank you for taking my case and being there Dr. Blackmon