Dr. Bloom was a great doctor

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| March, 2 2018 | for Michael J. Bloom, MSc, MD

Dr. Bloom was a great doctor way before MDVIP came into the picture. He diagnosed my mother's colon cancer and her heart problems and saved her life. He found that I had a heart attack while I was on a routine office visit and sent me directly to the hospital which saved my life and he found my husband's health problems and sent him to the hospital, which saved his life because shortly after that my husband had a stroke so without Dr. Bloom's excellent diagnostic abilities anyone of us could have died. He is a great listener and he always takes everything you tell him to heart and does his best to help you. He is very thorough and runs all the appropriate tests before he treats you. There is no guess work with Dr. Bloom. If MDVIP was suppose to help with the wait time, I don't remember waiting that long in the past, and besides I did not mind waiting because of the great medical care I received.He is a wonderful doctor and a great human being. He has been our family doctor for approximately 30 years and he is worth paying the extra money that MDVIP requires to keep him as our doctor. Although I do not see how MDVIP has added anything to an already great experience for the last 30 years.