Dr. Boyed...Super Fantastic Doctor

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| March, 12 2020 | for James R. Boyed, MD, FAAFP
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Dr. Boyed is a no frills doctor. I love the way he puts it on the line, he is a no nonsense doctor.....which is good......Dr. Boyed will make you think twice about eating, or doing something you should not do..My husband and I use Dr. Boyed name almost daily in conversation, when we find each other trying to eat something we should not..ie: Bread, pasta potatoes, all the good stuff etc. We always say Dr. Boyed will give you heck if you eat that, or Dr. Boyed will probably disown you if you try to eat that extra slice of bread ..etc!.or what would Dr. Boyed do if he saw you eating that......Dr. Boyed helps us stay grounded and focused on our health. I will never forget about 4 years ago when Dr. Boyed walked in the room and said"I wouldn't want to be in your shoes right now" I then found out I was borderline diabetic, boy that woke me up and has ever since..... I try as hard as I can to be vigilant about my health. The best about Dr. Boyed is , he is the one and only doctor who actually spends time talking, and explaining things to you., and spends time , so you know exactly what is expected from you to maintain good health. We adore our Dr, Boyed and feel very fortunate to have him as our doctor and on our side. We would be lost with out him , and probably not do as well as we are...We have great respect for Dr. Boyed and always will....Thank you Dr. Boyed and his staff and wife are very pleasant folks to deal with.......