Dr. Brinkman

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| March, 11 2020 | for Robert A. Brinkman, MD

When Dr. Brinkman decided to alter his practice and sign up for MDVIP we were very reluctant and as most things go fully expected a decrease in accessibility and service and less personal attention. What we have found is 100% the opposite. Dr. Brinkman makes more time for us now and his accessibility and responsiveness is second to none. I can text him on a weekend and get an immediate response. About a year ago I developed a rash on my back and side so I took a picture of the rash and sent it to him. An immediate response from Bob, "that is shingles and you need to get some medication started as soon as possible". "I'm going to call in a prescription now". That was a Sunday morning.

This type of experience and the thoroughness of the yearly screenings make me feel confident I am doing all possible to be healthy and that if something would happen I have his support to get me well. Actually, it has convinced my wife to also become a patient of his.