Dr Chisholm saved my life!

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| March, 11 2020 | for L. Randolph Chisholm, MD

When I was 46, I had a routine annual physical with Dr. Chisholm. I have had high cholesterol for most of my life so I always do blood work leading up to my physical...and he always knows what tests to run. That year, at the end of my physical, he got a little serious and said "There is one item in your blood work that you can't ignore and you need to go get a further test on....your PSA." I had never heard of a PSA test, had no idea what it was for, and didn't ask him to test for it. He did it on his own (and earlier than the government guidelines to wait until you are 50). Long story short, after follow up tests and a biopsy, it turns out I had prostate cancer. We caught it early but it was a fairly aggressive form of cancer. Had Dr. Chisholm not ordered that PSA test and we had waited until the recommended age of 50, I would likely have succumbed to this disease (or had a very long, difficult and painful recovery).

My wife and I often talk about that doctor visit and are thankful for being blessed to have such a care giver as Dr. Chisholm! Thank you Doc!