Dr. Choisser is a Doctor who listens and cares

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| March, 11 2020 | for William V. Choisser, MD

Dr. Choisser has been my physician and confidant since 1980 and I wish he could be cloned.
He has been more than a blessing with his knowledge and caring for my entire family.
He has assisted my aging mother, my mentally challenged brother, My Wife and I during the
tragic loss of our children. He has helped me personally with depression , stresses of my business
and life as well as documenting and prescribing medications to improve my overall health, due to aging.
Under his guidance I have initiated a workout routine, lost weight and improved my diet.
My health is being monitored by blood work, physical examination and other
testing such as ultrasound testing of arteries and veins and a cardiac calcium scan.
I thank Dr. Choisser for being a trusted friend.