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| March, 11 2020 | for Chris L. Kopecky, MD

My son was diagnosed with cancer 22 years ago. I asked a very good Doctor friend of mine. "This is really bad. I need one Doctor I can count on for myself" without hesitation he said Dr. Chris Kopecky. I contacted Dr Kopecky's office to see if he would take care me on as a patient. They immediately put me through to Dr. Kopecky. I explained the situation and Dr. Kopecky said certainly ,can you come in tomorrow morning. (he had a closed practice, he could not take any more clients) The next morning after going to intensive care to be with my son`, I went to Dr. Kopecky's office. The waiting room was full, I checked with the receptionist. She was aware I was coming and said ,"Dr. Kopecky will see you now. I was taken aback, I was a new patient and he had reserved a examination room for me to see him. I felt like time had slowed down, a few minutes later I would meet a Doctor that totally thru me off. Dr Kopecky calmly walked in , said he was sorry about my son, and said anything I needed call him on his cell, and gave me his cellphone number. He was very understanding , calming , He told me anytime I needed him, day or night, even just to talk, do not hesitate to call him . he then ordered a series of tests he wanted run immediately on me. Then he sat down to talk to me , 'Don't worry Mr Ortman, I will take very good care of you" I was able to get all of the tests he ordered the next morning and he talked to the receptionist and then asked me if could I come in two days At 9 :00 am and he would have all of the test back and we would go from there. I was stunned, " I said to myself ," Could this well known doctor , who I had just met be for real" . He has not treated me as any other Doctor I had ever seen has? 22 years later my son is alive, and obviously he remains my Doctor today. I cannot put into words how I feel about Dr. Kopecky! He is a throw back to times when a Doctor that years ago would get his 1 horse buggy , and take care of me no matter what time or place. As the years had gone by, he decided to connect with MDVIP and of course i joined immediately .MDVIP has been a GOD SEND TO ME. I cannot say enough about how that altered Dr.Kopecky's life , but mine also .