Dr. Chris Russell is wonderful

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| March, 10 2020 | for Chris B. Russell, MD

I have many stories, but will give three. Dr. Russell diagnosed my daughter in law’s problem over the phone, had her go to the ER immediately, he was there along with the surgeon when we arrived. She was rushed to surgery for an appendectomy, her appendixes were about to rupture. Because of his wonderful knowledge, excellent diagnosis, prompt response and care for his patients she had no problem. Second, my husband’s right leg collapsed and he fell in the parking lot after church. Dr. Russell ordered a MRI, he called for us to immediately go to the hospital, he had an infectious Dr, bone specialist and surgeon on call when we arrived it was an infection in the spine. Medication and testing began immediately, because, again, the love and care Dr. Russell has for his patients, my husband is walking otherwise he would be paralyzed. I has malignant a kidney, Dr. Russell sent me to the best surgeon and was supportive to me through the tests, surgery, treatments and recuperation period. This is just a few of many times he has been here for us.