Dr Costa: You are amazing!

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| September, 16 2022 | for Ralph Costa, MD

Our family's conversation can often turn to personal health concerns, and the current choices in medical care. For six of the members of our family, which includes my husband and I, we all simply reiterate the same statement, "the best decision we have ever made was selecting Dr. Costa as our primary physician". For me, he connected the dots! My struggles were numerous, but today, 9 years later, as his patient, the outlook is positive. Dr. Costa takes the time to ensure every question is answered, listens intently, and most of all guides me through the fears, anticipations and anxiety which often pops up in our visits. During COVID19 lockdowns there were often "robo" calls checking in with updates and information, always ending with the assurance he was there for his patients if needed, any time. And, when we did encounter COVID he navigated us through the weeks of illness. How's that for peace of mind? Outstanding and amazing! In our eyes he's the "Top Doc". Incredible, and someone who is very much respected for his professionalism, understanding and compassion with each visit, text, email or phone conversation. When needed, he is direct and honest about our health situation as hard as it may be to hear. Our yearly physical assessments are over-the-top detailed and thorough, along with the time he spends helping us navigate through all the information. Always giving his personal attention to our questions and needs. This is why we value his knowledge and medical perspective, and is our personal "Top Doc". Dr. Costa's staff is equally dedicated, professional and understanding. We have chosen our medical care with an extraordinary group of individuals who truly are amazing, with Dr. Costa leading the way.