Dr. Cranor always exceeds expectations.

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| March, 30 2020 | for J. David Cranor, MD

On Christmas Eve in 2011, I was very scared about my wife's health. She was in the hospital after a severe fall, a CT scan had been ordered without informing us of the reason for it, and I thought something extremely serious was wrong with her condition. About half an hour before midnight, (on Christmas Eve.!) Dr. Cranor showed up in the hospital room and explained to us the nature of her health situation. It was truly a relief to see him, to have everything explained and to reassure us. Indeed, my wife recovered from that episode completely. It is hard to convey in words how much that hospital visit has meant to both of us.

Beyond that visit, Dr. Cranor is always very helpful and thorough in his evaluations. For example just last year, during a physical, he discovered a suspected cancer in my external ear and did a biopsy that ultimately resulted in the appropriate surgery. It was clear to me that a less thorough examination could have easily missed that malignant growth. In addition, during that same particularly thorough physical, he discovered early anomalies in my cardiovascular system and promptly took corrective action.

It is now my pleasure to extend to Dr. Cranor my deepest gratitude for all he has done for my wife and me, of which the above two situations are just examples. On this Doctor's day, he is at the front lines dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic as well as with other health issues that his patients might have, and for that I am profoundly appreciative.