Dr. David Verbofsky is the best physician HANDS DOWN!

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| June, 11 2020 | for David H. Verbofsky, MD

My physician of 40 years retired. Dr. Verbofsky was recommended to me to continue to resume my care. I am 51 years old and in generally good health.

Every single phone call is returned. Every email is immediately responded to. His practice is courteous and kind and he never hesitates even with his busy life to talk to you and have a caring conversation.

His advice is always well thought and he always fantastically responds for requests for renewals of prescriptions. He truly is the best physician I have ever personally had the pleasure of being treated by. I will always remain with him God Willing!

P.S. I am a well known attorney who works with doctors for over 22 years. I have deposed them. Used them as expert witnesses. And become thoroughly familiar with the medical field as a successful attorney. As such, I am in a great position to let you know as patients what a tremendous doctor that Dr. Verbofsky is!