Dr. Dillon has been my physician for 2-3 years.

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| February, 28 2018 | for Steve Dillon, MD, FACP

Dr. Dillon has been my physician for 2-3 years. Thankfully I do not have major health problems at this time, so I don t need to see him very often. But on the occasions when I had a medical issue he was prompt, knowledgeable and supportive. One time when I had an infected finger he told me to call in and report my condition on Monday morning. He called me first before I called him!! One of the most important features of MDVIP is the ability to talk to you Dr. when you need to and not wait till the office opens. One evening my husband had an unusual abdominal pain. He is also on MDVIP. He called Dr. Dillon and he very quickly listed 3 potential causes and what is recommended. This, of course, reduced my anxiety and is one of the most valuable things for us.