Dr. Elliott was always there to meet our medical needs with wisdom

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| March, 11 2018 | for David L. Elliott, MD

Dr. David Elliott was my husband's physician for 15 years prior to his passing in 2016. My husband enjoyed years of good health until his mid 80's. Throughout the good years and finally his more difficult years Dr. Elliott was always there to meet our medical needs with wisdom, professionalism, encouragement, compassion and friendship. In the later years it was so comforting to know that we could reach out to Dr. Elliott, get his advice and come in to the office quickly if necessary without a long wait. We always knew that we were getting the best medical care available. Having the opportunity to be a patient of Dr. Elliott was a privilege for which my husband and I were very grateful.

This year I am following my husband's excellent advice and I am pleased to say that I am now a patient of Dr. Elliott. I have completed my first physical exam which was the most thorough I've ever experienced. The time Dr. Elliott and his staff spent getting to know me, now as a patient, was extraordinary and I look forward to many healthy years with Dr. Elliott.