Dr. Fabricius unending passion for the health.

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| March, 29 2017 | for Diane Fabricius, MD, FAAFP

I have had the pleasure to work for and witness Dr. Fabricius unending passion for the health and well being of her patients, now for more than two years. I was happy to join her healthcare team and become her patient. She is the epitome of what a physician should be.
MDVIP has allowed her to get back to the basics, with her patients. To focus on the issues that can change our health rather than putting ban-aids on end stage illness and disease. Time makes a difference in the health of patients. She loves to talk to her patients. To find out what little things in their lives can make the most impact on their overall health and then learn how to modify and tweak those to get the best long-term results.
She's an amazing healer, spiritual leader, teacher, counselor, cheerleader, and friend. I'm very grateful that I am counted as one of her patients.