Dr “G”

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| April, 21 2022 | for Frederic J. Guerrier, MD

Dr Guerrier has been our family physician for about 38 years. He has been the most dedicated and caring physician I could possibly imagine. He walked with us through the death of my husband… among other difficult times including acting with immediacy when my son had an appendix in the middle of the night. He called ahead to the surgeon who arrived when we did. My son was in surgery within an hour of my first call to Dr. G. When we saw the pictures of the laparoscopic surgery we could see what the surgeon told us….that they were rupturing as he was removing them. Because of Dr G’s immediate action, our son was spared a lot of suffering. When Dr. G joined MD VIP I didn’t hesitate to join. Traversing medical incidents as a widow can feel very daunting. I feel so safe and cared for with “Dr G “ I hope he never retires. He is the best and most caring Dr. on the planet.